Friday, July 18, 2014

Mambi Die Cut Sticker Layout

I'm not sure if anyone could be more happier than I am that it is finally Friday. It's been a crazy busy week AND my hubby finally gets to come home and stay after being gone for 10 weeks. SO happy Friday everyone!
Today this layout is up on the mambi blog, I really like these die cut stickers that they have out. The pack comes with a bunch of them and they are so colorful! I knew I wanted to using many of them on one page and this was the result:
I love how fun they are! The sayings go with so many things and can be used on both layouts and cards so it's a double win for these.
Close ups:


For a supply list and more about this layout make sure to go on over to the mambi blog for a visit:)
Happy weekend everyone!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Crate Paper Summer Grid Layout

Ok, here is my most recent Crate Paper layout, hope you enjoy!
Hi everyone, Stephanie here with a summery layout that was a ton of fun to make. This time of year is super busy for me, running around here and there and it feels like I can never catch up. It was nice to just slow down for a while and take time out to let my hands be busy doing what I enjoy.
I dug into the Open Road collection which one of my favorite summer lines at the moment, and got right to work.
Here is my "Summer Days Are Here" layout:
Because time is a hot commodity at the moment I am really liking to use this grid style layout as a go to for saving time during the summer rush. Because it is a familiar one to me it allows me to get my pages done faster. I like that I get to use special pieces from collections that help tell my story.
Never be afraid to dig into your stash of layouts and re create some of your favorites, I think you will be pleasantly surprised not only at the time you will save but at the fun you'll have with so much of the guess work eliminated.
This layout reminds me of the photo gallery walls that are popular in homes because of all the different elements and how they are arranged evenly spaced out. Just like how they would be arranged on your wall at home and how they may tell a story of your family, I used piece from different collections that help tell the story of my picture.

The colors in this collection remind me of suntans and long days outside. The picture I used on this layout is of us at a ball game we went to recently. My journaling reads "There's nothing like a warm summer day at the ballpark... a picnic blanket, music and my honey; I'm loving life." 

The different embellishments I chose were very significant to our day. The radio represented the music that way playing, the flowers for the beautiful landscape. One of my favorites is the Alabama license plate, how perfect! I think that sometimes it is easy for us to just pile on the cuteness just because it is cute, so I like that this page allows me to really pull in storytelling pieces. 
With so much going on I felt that it was easy for your eye to just wander around. I placed this strip of patterned papers and tiny collage about midway through the page to draw your eye up and take a rest.
Go through your stash and pick out some of the pieces you've been saving up for that special layout and put them to use. This kind of layout is very forgiving allowing you to use embellishments of all different sizes, designs and textures.
I know it's summer and we all have busy schedules but don't forget to take time out to just have fun and relax. This is an easy layout that can be done in many different ways, so take a few minutes and try it out for yourself. I hope it will make it a little less time consuming and enjoyable for you now that you've seen it done.
Happy summer days!

My Creative Scrappbook Guest Tutorial- Sewing on your Layouts

Hello Everyone, I wasn't sure when my tutorial would post over on the My Creative Scrapbook blog so I'm a little late sharing this with you. Here is the tutorial I did for them on how I go about sewing on my layouts. Hope this helps you if you've always wanted to give it a try:)
Tutorial: Machine Stitching On Layouts
Hi everyone! I'm so happy to be back here again guesting for My Creative Scrapbook this time with the July Main Kit. Today I have a simple tutorial for you about sewing right onto your layouts.
I know that this trend has been around for a while but it's still going as strong as ever so for those of you who have been curious and wanting to give it a try I'm hoping this tutorial will help you jump over any hurdles or questions you may have.
I am always getting questions about what kind of machine I use, so here is my sidekick... 
It's a simple regular Brother sewing machine that you sew fabric with. Although I believe that there are probably machines on the market specifically for paper, I just stick to what I know best. Honestly although I am not a huge fabric sewer I have been switching back and forth from paper to fabric for years and have never had any problems doing so. To each is own though and instead of purchasing yet another gadget this is just what I prefer. I mainly sew with white thread so to save time of always having to load it every time I usually leave it loaded and ready to go.

 Getting started is so easy! Set up your paper and align the needle where you want it and get down to business. I just use a regular needle, nothing fancy. The biggest tip I can give you here is to try not to apply too much adhesive under the area you are going to sew. The adhesive will stick to your needle and tends to shorten your stitch length. So for this step just place your paper in the machine as you would fabric and begin sewing.

After you get your sewing done your paper piercer will become your best friend. When I first started sewing through paper I would thread each loose thread with a needle to pull it back through my paper to the rear of the layout. Talk about a waste of time! I quickly realized that if I poke holes with my paper piercer where I want the thread to go back though it's so much faster to just thread them through those holes by hand.

your paper should look like this:
I usually poke my hole in the stitch hole right before that last one machine made.

Then I simply push my threads back through the holes. They should look like this:
An easy tip: Once you get all your threads back through your holes flip your paper over and use your finger to smooth over them. This helps brush your paper back down a bit and your holes will become much less noticeable.
Once I get all my threads to the back of the paper I usually go though and tie a knot in each of the pairs of threads. If you use tape like I'll show you in the next step the knot tying is not really necessary. I just wanted to show different ways that I finish them off.

Then for added security I go through and add some tape over them. You can use plain tape, but since I have so much Washi Tape I have been using it up this way. ( Plus who really has the time to sit there and tie all those knots!?)

So go through all your threads and place the tape over them. Should look like this when you're done:

Here is what the stitches should look like on the pretty side of your layout:

And a better look:

Although for this layout I mainly stitched only through paper, don't be afraid to try sewing through your other embellishments as well. A few other things I often sew through are chipboard shapes and letters, any fabric that you use on layouts such as ribbon, Vellum, overlays, pretty much anything in my scraproom is fair game. Sewing on your layouts is an easy way to add more detail and it helps give things a more finished and polished look.
I hope this tutorial showed you how easy machine sewing on your layouts really is. I remember the unnecessary intimidation that I had before I started and I don't want that to hold anyone back like it did me. So pull out that dusty machine, dive right in and start stitching away.
I hope that you've enjoyed all the layouts I created for you with the July Main Kit, thanks for checking out my tutorial, Here is my finished Tutorial layout: